EFC Design 1020: Illustrations

Scroll down for two photographs.

S.S. War Penguin, probably photographed around the time of her completion in October 1917. This requistioned "Laker" was built to the two-masted design that the EFC later designated Design 1020. The Shipping Board soon renamed her Lakeport. (NHC: NH 94487)

S.S. Lake Gormania (Design 1020), probably photographed in the early 1920s. This "Laker" was completed by the Detroit S.B. Co., Wyandotte, Mich. in October 1918 and was scrapped in 1926. Large numbers of Lakers, including some requistioned ships, were built to this design and its later variants, Designs 1074, 1093, and 1099. (Shipscribe)