EFC Design 1044: Illustrations

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S.S. War Song around the time of her completion in September 1917 by the Detroit S.B. Co, Wyandotte, Mich. The design of this requisitioned "Laker" closely resembled the one that was later designated Design 1044 by the Emergency Fleet Corporation. Its distinguishing feature was its rig with masts at the extreme ends of the ship and kingpost pairs at each end of the superstructure. This was inherited from the Norwegian "Fredrickstad" design, which served as a model for most of the steel cargo ships built on the Great Lakes during World War I. (NHC: ID card)

USS Gemini (AP-75), originally S.S. Coperas (Design 1044), probably photographed off the Boston Navy Yard on 21 October 1942. This "Laker" retains her original "Fredrickstad" rig, although wartime additions to the superstructure tend to conceal the two kingpost pairs. (NARA: RG-19-LCM)