EFC Design 1047: Illustrations

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S.S. Hulaco (Design 1047) photographed on 26 September 1919 upon completion by the Bethlehem S.B. Corp., Sparrows Point, Md. This ship had a light mast forward flanked by two short kingposts, as in the Design 1045 ships built by Bethlehem, Quincy. (NARA: RG-32-UB)

S.S. Utacarbon (Design 1047) photographed on trials around 25 March 1920 upon completion by the Bethlehem S.B. Corp., Alameda, Calif. The Alameda-built ships of this design had a full-sized foremast without adjacent kingposts. The earliest ones may also have had a short third mast aft of the stack as in the eight earlier requisitioned ships that were probably built to essentially the same design. Late in World War II Utacarbon became USS Yucca (IX-214). (NARA: RG-32-S)