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Tug Francis B. Hackett, which was USS Francis B. Hackett in 1918-19

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Francis B. Hackett (U.S. tug, 1909).
Served as USS Francis B. Hackett in 1918-20, Shenandoah in 1920-23, and Choptank in 1923-46.

The 194-ton, 108-foot tug Francis B. Hackett was built in 1909 by Johnston Brothers of Ferrysburg, Michigan, for the Hackett Towing & Wrecking Co. of Amherstburg. She was especially designed to assist navigation by crushing ice in the Detroit River during the winter season. She was purchased by the Navy in December 1917 and placed in commission on 1 April 1918. She was reclassified YT-36 on 17 July 1920 and renamed Shenandoah (YT-36) on 20 November 1920 and Choptank on 15 October 1923.

USS Francis B. Hackett was assigned to Squadron One, Submarine Chasers, Atlantic Fleet, performing towing duties and transporting personnel in the New York area until May 1918 when she proceeded to Norfolk and began guard duty. In December she was assigned to Train, Atlantic Fleet. On 13 April 1919 following decommissioning she was placed in service as a district craft in the 5th Naval District.

On 28 October 1920 Shenandoah was ordered to the Washington Navy Yard where she performed general yard service until 1944, most of it under the name Choptank. In 1944-45 she operated under the Inspector of Ordnance in Charge at NTS, Alexandria, Va.

On 13 April 1944 Choptank was reclassified YTM-36. She was placed out of service on 28 June 1946 and stricken from the Navy List on 30 December 1946. Transferred to the U.S. Maritime Commission on 27 April 1947 for disposal, she was sold on 9 June 1947. She returned to commercial service in 1947 as Choptank, becoming Gloria St. Philip in 1969, Choptank in 1979, and Admiral in 1982. She was scrapped in September 2006.

This page features all available views of the tug Francis B. Hackett, which served as USS Francis B. Hackett in 1918-20, Shenandoah in 1920-23, and Choptank in 1923-46.

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Francis B. Hackett
(U.S. tug, 1909)

Shown soon after completion and before August 1910.
This tug was acquired by the Navy and commissioned on 1 April 1918 as USS Francis B. Hackett (ID # 1161). Renamed Shenandoah in 1920 and Choptank in 1923, she was stricken on 30 December 1946.

Source: The Marine Review, August 1910, page 334.

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USS Muscotah

With USS Choptank (YT-36) outboard at the Washington Navy Yard circa 1932.

Source: www.navsource.org.


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