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Tug Hercules, sister to Goliah which was USS Goliah in 1918-19

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Goliah (American Tug, 1907).
Served as USS Goliah (ID # 1494) in 1918-19

Goliah, a 414 gross ton, 135-foot steam tug, was completed in December 1907 by John H. Dialogue and Son. Camden, N.J., for the Red Stack Towing Line of San Francisco, California, and proceeded to the West Coast with her sister Hercules during 1908. She was purchased by the Navy from her later owners, the Puget Sound Tug Co. of Seattle, Wash. on 4 December 1917 and commissioned on 31 January 1918 at Mare Island, Calif.

Following shakedown, Goliah towed coal barges between San Diego, Mare Island, and San Pedro until 3 March 1918 when she departed San Diego for the East Coast. She arrived Norfolk on 8 April 1918 and for the next month made four voyages between New London and New York with stores and ammunition. After a voyage to Bermuda and the Azores between 18 May and 24 June as an escort tug, she arrived at New York for overhaul, where she stayed until 8 August 1918.

Departing New London, Conn., where she had briefly served as a patrol craft, on 6 September 1918, Goliah operated as a towing ship between San Miguel, Bermuda, and New London until arriving at Brest, France, on 26 November 1918. There she took up new duties as rescue and towing tug for convoys operating out of Brest to English ports and occasionally to Copenhagen and Lisbon until she arrived back in Brest on 24 April 1919. Goliah performed harbor towing work there until decommissioning on 29 November 1919.

Goliah was loaned to the United States Shipping Board on 30 November 1919, was listed by the Navy as "District, Unclassified" when the Navy's hull number system took effect on 17 July 1920, and was transferred to the Shipping Board's permanent custody and control on 7 October 1921. Sold in 1926, she served three different commercial owners on the East Coast before being scrapped at Baltimore in January 1952.

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S.S. Hercules
(U.S. Tug, 1907)

Hercules, a sister to Goliah, is shown in 1908 under sheer legs at Camden, N.J. where both tugs were built for the Red Stack fleet of the Shipowners' and Merchants' Tugboat Co. of San Francisco. Hercules is now preserved at the San Francisco Maritime Museum

Source: www.nps.gov/safr/learn/historyculture/hercules.htm.

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S.S. Goliah and Hercules
(U.S. Tugs, 1907)

When completed, Hercules towed her sister ship Goliah through the Strait of Magellan to San Francisco. Both vessels were oil-burners; Goliah carried fuel, water and supplies for her sister.

Source: www.nps.gov/safr/learn/historyculture/hercules.htm.


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