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Photo #  NH 102156:  Salvage tug Relief prior to World War I

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Relief (American Salvage Ship, 1907).
Served as USS Relief (ID # 2170) in 1918-1919

Relief, an 828 gross ton steel salvage tug, was built in 1907 at Wilmington, Delaware. She was taken over by the Navy in August 1918 and placed in commission as USS Relief (ID # 2170) a few days later. For the rest of World War I and the first months of the post-war era she served in the vicinity of New York City. Sold back to her original owners in May 1919, Relief resumed her work as a commercial salvage tug. During World War II she was again employed by the Navy, but remained under civilian ownership and operation. After a long career, Relief was placed out of service in 1955.

This page features all available views of the salvage tug Relief, which was USS Relief (ID # 2170) during World War I.

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Photo #: NH 102156

(American salvage ship, 1907)

Photographed prior to her World War I Navy service.
This ship was acquired by the Navy on 13 August 1918 and commissioned on 19 August as USS Relief (ID # 2170). She was sold back to her pre-war owners, the Merritt & Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Company, on 15 May 1919.

The original print is in National Archives' Record Group 19-LCM.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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