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German cable ship Stephan, which was USS Stephan in 1919

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Stephan (German Cable Ship, 1902).
Briefly in commission as USS Stephan (No ID #) in 1919

Stephan, a 4630 gross ton cable ship, was launched on 29 December 1902 by the Vulcan shipyard at Stettin, Germany, and entered service on 1 March 1903 with the Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke firm. Her first job was the laying of the first German manufactured transatlantic cable and many other jobs followed.

After World War I Stephan was allocated to the British Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. She was released to U.S. custody at Vigo, Spain, on 27 May 1919 and was taken over by Naval Nucleus Crew 3, whose log runs from 5 June 1919 to 3 July 1919. Commissioned on 11 June 1919, she was transferred to the UK on 3 July 1919. Following worldwide service under the British flag she was sold for breaking up in 1926.

This page features all available views of the cable ship Stephan, which was briefly in commission as USS Stephan in 1919.

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S.S. Stephan
(German Cable Ship, 1902)

In German merchant service before World War I.

Source: K. R. Haigh, Cableships and Submarine Cables (London, 1968), page 334.


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