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Fast screw ship of the line (1st class)

BRETAGNE (launched 1855)

BRETAGNE fast screw ship of the line (1st class)

Displacement: 6874t
Dimensions:265ft 9in wl and deck x 57ft 1in mld, 59ft 4in ext x 28ft 1in mean, 29ft 8in max
Same, meters:81.00 x 17.40, 18.08 x 8.56, 9.03m
Machinery:1200nhp (Indret). 4 cylinders, 3327ihp, 12.8kts. Coal 590t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1855) GD 18-36p, 18-22cm No.1 shell; MD 18-30p No.2, 18-22cm No.2 shell; UD 38-30 No.3; SD 2-50p, 18-30p carr.

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
BRETAGNEBrest1.5317.2.551.6.55Stk. 26.7.66

Class. On 10.9.52 Brest was ordered to prepare plans for the "conversion" of the sailing three-decker Bretagne (q.v.) to a fast battleship on the lines of Napoléon, using as many as possible of the timbers cut for the sailing ship. Plans by Marielle were approved in 12.52 and the ship's machinery was ordered at the same time. Her sail area was 3449 sq.yd. As built, Bretagne was heavier than intended: designed displacement was 6466t at 26ft 11in mean draft. The height of her lower battery above the water was only 4ft 9in instead of the designed 5ft 9in. Her seagoing qualities were also disappointing, particularly when compared with the success of the Napoléon type.

Disposal. Bretagne became a school hulk for novices and apprentice seamen at Brest. She traded names with the ship that replaced her, Ville de Bordeaux, in 1.80 and was BU 1881 at Brest.

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