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Converted screw ships of the line (2nd class, launched 1857-58)

TAGE class (launched 1857)
TURENNE (launched 1858)

TAGE class converted screw ships of the line (2nd class)

Displacement: 4707t (Duguay Trouin 4636t)
Dimensions:(Tage) 209ft 1in wl, 210ft 2in deck x 54ft 11in ext x 26ft 5in mean, 27ft 7in max., (Duguay Trouin) 204ft 3in wl, 212ft 11in deck x 55ft 1in ext x 26ft 5in mean, 28ft 1in max.
Same, meters:(Tage) 63.72, 64.07 x 16.75 x 8.05, 8.40m, (Duguay Trouin) 62.25, 64.90 x 16.80 x 8.05, 8.55m
Machinery:500nhp (Napier). Trials 8.97kts (Tage), 10.7kts Duguay Trouin. Coal 500t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1858) GD 16-36p, 16-22cm No.1 shell; UD 32-30p No.2; SD 2-16cm rifles, 12-16cm shell, 6-30p carr.

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
TAGEBrest8.57185712.7.58Stk. 6.5.84
DUGUAY TROUINBrest1857185712.7.58Stk. 22.7.72

Class. Conversion plans by Masson for these two ships were approved in 12.55 and modifications by De Robert were approved in 5.57. The ships differed in that Tage retained her original square stern while Duguay Trouin had hers converted from square to round. Machinery for these two ships was added 5.56 to the contract for the 600nhp machinery of Louis XIV. Tage was converted to a sail transport in 1875 to carry convicts to New Caledonia.

Disposals. Tage became a coal hulk at Brest, was renamed Vétéran in 1885, and was BU 1896. Duguay Trouin became a guard hulk at Brest, was renamed Vétéran in 1872, and was BU 1876.

TURENNE converted screw ship of the line (2nd class)

Displacement: 4554t
Dimensions:212ft 11in deck x 55ft 1in ext x 25ft 9in mean, 27ft 5in max. Depth 23ft 9in
Same, meters:64.90 x 16.80 x 7.85, 8.35m. 7.25m
Machinery:600nhp (FCM). Two cylinders, return connecting rod. Coal 500t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1862) GD 16-36p, 16-22cm No.1 shell; UD 32-30p No.2; SD 18-30p carr., 2-16cm rifles

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
TURENNEBrest1858185815.12.59Stk. 25.11.67

Class. In 11.57 De Robert submitted plans for installing in Turenne the engines ordered for the three-decker Friedland, whose conversion had not been proceeded with. He followed the plans of Tage very closely. The contract for the machinery was modified in 2.58 to reflect the reassignment.

Disposals. Turenne became a coal hulk at Brest, was renamed Eléphant 1.2.75, and was BU 1886.

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