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Converted fast screw ship of the line (2nd class)

EYLAU (launched 1856)

EYLAU converted fast screw ship of the line (2nd class)

Displacement: 5023t
Dimensions:225ft 6in wl, 227ft 1in deck x 55ft 1in ext x 24ft 10in mean, 26ft 9in max.
Same, meters:68.72, 69.22 x 16.80 x 7.56, 8.16m
Machinery:900nhp (Cavé). 4 cylinders
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1857) GD 18-36p, 16-22cm No.1 shell; UD 34-30p No.2; SD 2-16cm rifles, 20-30p No.4.

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
EYLAUToulon5.7.5315.5.568.3.57Stk. 22.2.77

Class. In 9.52 the minister ordered Dupuy de Lôme to prepare plans for conversion of ships on the ways at Toulon to both fast battleships on the lines of Napoléon and mixed propulsion ships like Austerlitz. The conversion of Eylau to a fast battleship was ordered on 13.11.52. Dupuy de Lôme's conversion plans were approved in 1.53, and the engines for the ship were ordered in 4.53 along with replacement engines for the frigate Isly. Eylau retained her original square stern

Disposal. Eylau became a barracks hulk at Toulon. She was replaced by a building ashore and was sold in 1905.

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