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Converted sail frigates (1st class, 58 guns)

Razeed 74-gun ships (launched 1821-33)

RAZEED 74-GUN SHIPS converted sail frigates (1st class, 58)

Displacement: 2537t
Dimensions:179ft 10in wl (Guerrière), 183ft 4in deck x 47ft 5in mld x 21ft 0in mean, 22ft 1in max.
Same, meters:54.82, 55.87 x 14.45 x 6.41, 6.74m
Masts:Probably retained their original masts, but had increased sail area.
Armament:(Guerrière and Pallas) GD 28-36p; SD 28-36p carr., 2-18p. (Minerve) GD 26-36p, 2-22cm shell; SD 28-36p carr., 2-18p. (Minerve 1850, training ship) GD 24-30p No.1, 1-50p, 3-22p No.1 shell; SD 17-30p carr., 1-30p No.3, 4-16cm shell

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
GUERRIEREToulon18206. 29.11.40
AMPHITRITEBrest182327.12.2317.4.24Stk. 20.1.36
PALLASBrest182510.2726.6.28Stk. 25.9.40
MINERVEBrest28.10.3114.9.3316.10.36Stk. 12.12.53

Class. Formerly the 74-gun ships Romulus (1812), Agamemnon (1812), Colosse (1813), and Glorieux (1818) respectively, these ships were razeed (cut down a deck) and converted to large frigates as indicated above. The conversions reduced the draft by 1ft 3in and increased the height of the battery by the same amount. The successful trials of Guerrière caused the French to develop the 60-gun frigate along her lines. Minerve relieved Iphigénie and served as gunnery training ship at Toulon in 1850-51.

Disposal. Minerve became a school hulk, was renamed Aberwrach before 1865, and was BU 1874.

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