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Sail frigates (1st class, 60 guns, launched 1847-48)

PERSEVERANTE (launched 1847)
VENGEANCE class (launched 1848)

PERSEVERANTE sail frigate (1st class, 60)

Displacement: 2628
Dimensions:177ft 2in wl x 45ft 11in mld x 21ft 5in mean
Same, meters:54.00 x 14.00 x 6.54m
Masts:As Surveillante
Armament:(1854) GD 26-30p No.1, 2-50p, 2-22cm No.1 shell; SD 22-16cm shell, 2-30p No.1

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
PERSEVERANTEBrest1.10.2928.6.4713.7.54Stk. 28.3.67

Class. This standard 60-gun frigate was designed at Brest by Simon. Two probable sisters, Jeanne d'Albret and Valentine, were scheduled to be begun in 1830 with three other frigates at a new facility at Brest but were postponed 16.11.29 due to delays in constructing the facility and were cancelled in 1831.

Disposal. Persévérante was BU 1867.

VENGEANCE class sail frigates (1st class, 60)

Displacement: 2500t
Dimensions:176ft 0in wl x 45ft 11in mld x 21ft 4in mean, 22ft 2in max.
Same, meters:53.64 x 14.00 x 6.50, 6.75m
Masts:As Surveillante
Armament:As Surveillante class (never mounted)

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
VENGEANCELorient5. 19.4.66
ENTREPRENANTELorient5.10.29----Steam transport 1858
VICTOIRELorient29.6.30----Steam 1861

Class. Boucher completed plans for this class in 9.29 with slightly smaller dimensions than his earlier Surveillante class. Victoire, originally Duchesse d'Orléans, was renamed 29.2.48. Entreprenante was lengthened to 252ft 7in wl and given engines of 250nhp by Mazeline as a transport. She was launched on 4.11.58 after conversion.

Disposals. Vengeance became a barracks hulk and was BU 1898. Entreprenante was stricken 6.7.85, became a barracks hulk, and was BU 1896.

In addition to Guerrière and Pallas, above, four 1st-class frigates were slated to be begun between 1847-9: Amphitrite at Toulon, Melpomène at Cherbourg, Impérieuse at Rochefort, and Vénus at Brest. On 16.3.47 the ministry requested plans for the three ships originally scheduled for 1847, Guerrière, Pallas, and Amphitrite, but eventually decided to use the plans of Didon and Belle Poule for the first two. Plans were probably never chosen for the others, and they were cancelled in 1848 because of budget reductions following the revolution of that year. One designer proposed fitting in Amphitrite a steam engine of 200nhp which could develop 5kts in calm seas.

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