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Sail frigates (3rd class, 44 guns)

VENUS class (launched 1816-21)
PENELOPE (I) class (launched 1816-23)

VENUS class sail frigates (3rd class, 44)

Displacement: 1392t
Dimensions:152ft 7in wl, 154ft 0in deck x 39ft 1in mld, 40ft 0in ext x 17ft 8in mean, 19ft 1in max. Depth 16ft 4in
Same, meters:46.50, 46.94 x 11.92, 12.20 x 5.39, 5.81m. 4.97m
Masts:Main 56ft 2in x 2ft 5in; Fore 47ft 10in x 2ft 3in; Mizzen 37ft 9in x 1ft 7in. Sail area 2329 sq.yd.
Armament:(1817) GD 28-18p; SD 14-24p carr., 2-8p. (1829) GD 28-18p; SD 16-24p carr., 2-18p or 12p

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
DUCHESSE DE BERRYLorient9.1025.8.1625.3.17Stk. 11.12.41
CONSTANCEBrest6. 19.11.36
THETISToulon10. 12.12.53
ASTREELorient6.1228. 29.10.42
ARMIDELorient6. 22.12.64

Class. Numerous other ships of this type, modeled on a ship designed by Sané in 1781, were already afloat in 1816. The height of battery of the type was 6ft 5in. Astrée and Armide were begun at Nantes but were dismantled and transferred to Lorient in 1814 when about 1/4 complete. They were laid down at Lorient in 9.14. Duchesse de Berry was named Didon until 13.8.16; she became Victoire on 9.8.30. She was briefly classified as a transport (corvette de charge) in 1841. Thétis and Armide were reclassified as transports 14.5.51.

Disposals. Constance was BU 1843 at Brest. Thétis served as a boys' training ship 1851-61, was renamed Lanninon before 1865, and was BU 1866. Astrée became a hulk at Rochefort. Armide became a storage hulk, was renamed Entrepôt in 1866, and was BU 1888.

PENELOPE (I) class sail frigates (3rd class, 44)

Displacement: c1400t
Dimensions:154ft 3in deck x 39ft 5in mld x 17ft 11in mean, 18ft 10in max.
Same, meters:47.01 x 12.02 x 5.47, 5.74m
Masts:As Vénus class
Armament:As Vénus class

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ANTIGONEBordeaux1.1214. 3.8.29
CLEOPATRECherbourg3. 30.9.23
MAGICIENNERochefort2.1311.4.2322.5.23Lost 29.11.40

Class. During the Napoleonic Wars, several designers produced plans for frigates using the specifications for Sané's Vénus class. These three were built on plans by Rolland. Cléopâtre's frame was begun at Le Havre 11.11.

Disposals. Cléopâtre was BU 1823 at Brest. Her short life was attributed to the fact that she had been built on an open building way and had been continuously in service since then. Antigone was cut down to a barge at Brest in 1829. Magicienne was lost on the Palawan Reef in the Philippines.

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