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Converted screw frigates (3rd class)

CLORINDE (launched 1857)
ARMORIQUE (launched 1862)
RESOLUE (launched 1872)

CLORINDE converted screw frigate (3rd class)

Displacement: 1720t
Dimensions:167ft 4in wl, 170ft 5in deck x 43ft 7in ext x 18ft 8in mean
Same, meters:51.00, 51.95 x 13.28 x 5.70m
Machinery:180nhp (Schneider). Trials 563ihp = 8.79kts. Coal 142t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1861) GD 14-16cm rifles; SD 4-16cm rifles. (1873) GD 12-16cm M1858-60 MLR; SD 4-14cm No.2 M1867 MLR. (1882) GD 8-14cm M1867 MLR; SD 4-14cm M1867 MLR. (1884) GD 16-14cm M1864-7 BLR; SD 4-14cm M1864-7 BLR, 2-37mm Hotchkiss

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
CLORINDECherbourg16.9.5623.5.5711.9.61Stk. 26.1.88

Class. The hull of this sail frigate, already afloat, was converted on plans by Joyeux approved in 10.56. The ship was designed to receive 400nhp engines with Belleville boilers which were to have been built at Cherbourg. This machinery never materialized, and a smaller set was finally ordered for her in 2.60.

Disposal. Clorinde became a barracks hulk at Lorient, was renamed Tibre 26.5.11, and was BU 1922.

ARMORIQUE converted screw frigate (3rd class)

Displacement: 2890t
Dimensions:249ft 4in wl, 252ft 6in deck x 44ft 3in ext x 18ft 8in mean, 20ft 6in max.
Same, meters:76.00, 76.95 x 13.50 x 5.70, 6.25m
Machinery:400nhp (Indret). Trunk, trials 1175ihp = 10.37kts
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1863) GD 14-30p No.1, 4-16cm rifles; SD 4-16cm rifles. (1868) GD 8 (later 10) 16cm M1864-6 BLR; SD 4-16cm M1858-60 MLR. (1879) GD 14-14cm M1870 BLR; 2 Hotchkiss

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
ARMORIQUELorient?1.3.627.4.63Stk. 8.11.84

Class. This frigate on the ways was converted on plans by Le Moine approved in 6.58 for engines ordered from Indret 3.58. She was rated a spardeck corvette between 1862-71.

Disposal. Armorique became a mooring hulk at Rochefort and was BU 1910.

RESOLUE converted screw frigate (3rd class)

Displacement: 1871t
Dimensions:159ft 3in wl, 163ft 3in deck x 43ft 9in wl, 44ft 0in max x 19ft 5in mean, 22ft 0in max.
Same, meters:48.55, 49.77 x 13.34, 13.41 x 5.93, 6.71m
Machinery:150nhp (Claparède, Saint Denis). Trials 697ihp = 9.55kts. Coal 145t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1872) GD 12-16cm M1858-60 MLR; SD 4-14cm No.2 M1867 MLR. (1878, sail training ship) GD 8-14cm M1870 BLR

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
RESOLUECherbourg??2.10.72Stk. 31.12.90

Class. Trunk engines of 400nhp were ordered 3.58 from Indret for this frigate on the ways, and drawings for lengthening her hull to 238ft 0in wl were drafted by Joyeux in 4.59. The ship, however, was launched as a sailing ship in 1863 without being lengthened and remained idle until much smaller machinery by Claparède was fitted in 1872. (Claparède had taken over the location at St. Denis vacated by Cavé around 1850.) These engines were ordered removed on 16.10.77 and Résolue replaced the sail frigate Isis as seamen's training ship.

Disposal. Résolue became a mooring hulk at Rochefort and was BU 1913.

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