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Sail spardeck corvettes (26-28 guns)

ESPERANCE (26 guns, launched 1817)
POMONE class (28 guns, launched 1821-22)

ESPERANCE sail spardeck corvette (26 guns)

Displacement: 752t
Dimensions:127ft 11in dk x 32ft 0in mld, 32ft 11in ext x 13ft 11in mean, 14ft 11in max.
Same, meters:38.98 x 9.75, 10.03 x 4.23, 4.55m
Armament:(1817) GD 18-24p carr., 2-12p. 6 more 24p carr. were probably added on her spardeck.

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ESPERANCEDunkirk5.1216.2.1715.3.17Stk. 2.11.27

Class. The last of a class designed by Bretocq and Sané which was very similar to the Victorieuse of 1806, designed by Poncet and Sané, whose dimensions are given above. The official rating of this type, 20 guns, excluded the probable spardeck armament. The nature of this armament varied--Victorieuse early in her career had 6-4p while one of her sisters, Aigrette, carried 2-8p and 1-4p. In 7-8.23 Brest razeed Espérance and converted her to an open-battery corvette.

Disposal. Espérance was BU 1827 at Brest.

POMONE class sail spardeck corvettes (28 guns)

Displacement: ca. 750t
Dimensions:127ft 11in dk x 32ft 3in mld x 17ft 0in mean
Same, meters:38.98 x 9.84 x 5.17m
Armament:GD 20-24p carr.; SD 6-12p carr., 2-6p

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
POMONECherbourg5.2028. 23.12.30
HEBELe Havre26. 11.3.35

Class. This class was designed by Segondat along the lines of Victorieuse but with an additional 8 guns on the spardeck and more men to operate them.

Disposals. Pomone was BU 1831 due to the use of bad wood in her construction. Hébé was cut down to a barge in 1835.

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