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Converted sail corvettes (28 guns)

Razeed 44-gun frigates (launched 1833-41)

RAZEED 44-GUN FRIGATES sail corvettes (28 guns)

Displacement: ?
Dimensions:152ft 7in wl, 154ft 2in deck x 39ft 1in mld x 17ft 8in mean, 18ft 9in max.
Same, meters:46.50, 47.00 x 11.92 x 5.38, 5.72m
Armament:(Circé) 28-18p. (Aréthuse) 22-30p No.2

Name          Conversion Started  Launched Commiss. Fate         
CIRCEToulon4.3218331.2.33Stk. 26.4.44
CYBELEToulon4.4.3526.1.36--Stk. 4.3.50
ARETHUSEBrest1833?11.5.41Stk. 11.6.51

Class. In 8.31 the ministry approved a proposal from Toulon to razee two 3rd class frigates to open-battery corvettes. Plans by Barrallier were approved in 10.31, and conversion of a third ship at Brest on the same plans was approved in 3.32. The captain of Circé noted ca. 1840 that the high speed of the ship would do an enemy much harm, but he did not recommend additional conversions because of difficulty accomodating the crew.

Disposals. Circé was BU 1844 at Brest. Cybèle was housed over after launch and not used. On 31.7.48 she was ordered converted into a floating battery for the defense of Algeria, but was found to be in bad shape and was struck and hulked instead. She was renamed Remise before 1865 and was BU 1894. Aréthuse became a coal hulk and was BU 1865.

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