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Converted sail corvettes (24 and 14 guns)

Converted transports (reclassified 1845)

Converted Transports sail corvettes (24 and 14 guns)

In 1845 a decision to contract out most of the navy's cargo-carrying operations left the navy with some surplus transports. A few transports such as Uranie (ex La Ciotat, 467 tons capacity, 1811-20) had previously been called corvettes while in use for scientific expeditions, and two groups were now permanently reclassified. The following 800-ton capacity transports (formerly called corvettes de charge and flûtes) became 24-gun spardeck corvettes: Somme (1840-51), Rhin (1841-54), Meurthe (1842-53), Seine (1845-46), and Durance (1847-54). The following 380-ton transports (formerly gabares-écuries) became 14-gun open-battery corvettes: Emulation (1811-45), Lamproie (1812-50), Astrolabe (1811-52), Zélée (1812-63), Prévoyante (1834-60), Expéditive (1834-66), Recherche (1834-63), Indienne (1835-56), Sarcelle (1838-57), Prudente (1842-55), and Infatigable (1843-62). Zélée received a steam engine in 1853. All of the first group reverted to transport status between 1849-51 (except for Seine, wrecked in New Caledonia in 1846), and four of the second group did likewise between 1851-54.

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