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Screw spardeck corvettes (1st class, 400 nhp)

D'ASSAS (launched 1854)
DU CHAYLA (launched 1855)

D'ASSAS screw spardeck corvette (1st class)

Displacement: 1945t
Dimensions:202ft 11in wl, 208ft 10in deck x 35ft 1in mld, 36ft 0in ext x 15ft 11in mean. Depth 14ft 7in
Same, meters:61.85, 63.65 x 10.70, 10.98 x 4.84. 4.45m
Machinery:400nhp (Indret). 4 cylinders, 9.8kts. Coal 378t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1855) GD 12-30p No.2, 2-22cm No.2 shell; SD 2-30p No.2. (1863) 14-30p No.2, 2-22cm No.2 shell (all GD). (1870) GD 14-14cm No.1 MLR; SD 4-14cm No.1 MLR (SD guns replaced by M1867 BLR in 1874)

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
D'ASSASLorient2.1.5227.4.541.11.54Stk. 5.6.78

Class. In 4.51 one of the navy's most important advisory boards, the Council of Works, decided that the navy had enough ships like Phlégéton which were essentially large avisos and proposed building instead a real fighting ship: a spardeck corvette like Infernal with a heavy armament in the battery, coal for 10 days, and machinery completely below the waterline. Plans by Masson were approved in 11.51. Her original engines were condemned in 1860 and replaced in 1862 by 2-cylinder engines built at FCM. On trials in 1874 these developed 1201ihp and 9.40kts.

Disposal. D'Assas became a mooring hulk at Lorient, was renamed Euphrate in 1893, and was BU 1933.

DU CHAYLA screw spardeck corvette (1st class)

Displacement: 1846t
Dimensions:198ft 10in wl, 208ft 5in deck x 35ft 9in mld, 36ft 7in ext x 16ft 1in mean, 17ft 9in max. Depth 14ft 10in
Same, meters:60.60, 63.52 x 10.90, 11.14 x 4.91, 5.41m. 4.52m
Machinery:400nhp (Lorient). Trials 979ihp = 10.36kts. Coal 360t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1856) GD 12-30p No.2, 2-22cm No.2 shell; SD 2-30p No.2. (1865) GD 8-14cm No.1 MLR, 8-30p No.2. SD 2-14cm No.1 MLR. (1868) GD 14-14cm No.1 MLR; SD 4-14cm No.1 MLR

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
DU CHAYLALorient2.1.5219.3.5512.10.55Stk. 4.11.75

Class. The origins of this ship were the same as for D'Assas except that she was designed by Guieysse. Originally named Volta, she was renamed on 16.5.55. Her sail area was 1618 sq.yd.

Disposal. Du Chayla became a hulk at Lorient and was BU 1890.

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