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Sail corvette-avisos (18 guns)

DILIGENTE class (launched 1823-29)

DILIGENTE class sail corvette-avisos (18 guns)

Displacement: 422t
Dimensions:110ft 10in deck x 27ft 9in mld, 28ft 7in ext x 13ft 3in mean, 14ft 11in max. Depth 11ft 9in
Same, meters:33.78 x 8.45, 8.71 x 4.05, 4.55m. 3.59m
Masts:(1854) Main 44ft 7in x 1ft 10in; Fore 40ft 4in x 1ft 9in; Mizzen 42ft 8in x 1ft 4in
Armament:16-18p carr., 2-8p

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ISISCherbourg7.2214. 26.1.33
SYLPHIDELorient21.3.2212.5.2321.8.23Lost 23.2.29
BAYONNAISECherbourg12. 24.6.35
CORNELIECherbourg12. 25.11.46
CERESCherbourg6. 7.10.40
EGLECherbourg15. 6.11.43
ORYTHIELorient9.2514.3.2724.12.27Stk. 6.11.43
PERLEBayonne11.261.7.2922.2.30Stk. 7.3.56

Class. Four other ships of this class, designed by Ozanne, were already afloat in 1816, including the prototype, Diligente. This type originally carried 20-6p guns and was rearmed with carronades beginning in 1818. Another ship, Niobé, was scheduled for construction in 1826 at Cherbourg but was cancelled in 1825. In addition, two second-class corvettes, Echo and Aigrette, were scheduled to be begun in 1848 under contract but were cancelled in 1848 before being ordered. The Diligente type was then in favor, and these would probably have been similar to it.

Disposals. Isis, Bayonnaise, Cérès, and Orythie were BU at Brest immediately after being struck. Sylphide was lost off Haiti. Perle became a barge and was BU 1869.

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