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Sail brigs (18 guns, launched 1822-24)

DRAGON class (launched 1822-24)

DRAGON class sail brigs (18 guns)

Displacement: 398t
Dimensions:106ft 8in wl, 109ft 4in deck x 28ft 10in mld, 29ft 5in ext x 11ft 7in mean
Same, meters:32.50, 33.32 x 8.78, 8.97 x 3.52m
Armament:16-24p carr., 2-8p or 12p.

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
CUIRASSIERToulon10.216.9.2213.12.22Stk. 6.11.43
DRAGONBrest4.2224. 11.10.54
LANCIERLorient19. 17.8.42
ENDYMIONLorient29.1.2326.7.2417.5.25Stk. 3.10.40

Class. Plans for this class, the navy's first post-Napoleonic brigs, were completed by Barrallier in 7.21.
The height of their battery above the water was 5ft 4in.

Disposals. Cuirassier and Endymion were BU at Brest immediately after being struck, and Lancier was BU there 1854-55.

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