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Sail brigs (20 guns)

CYGNE class (launched 1825-33)

CYGNE class sail brigs (20 guns)

Displacement: 548t
Dimensions:110ft 3in wl, 112ft 0in deck x 29ft 6in mld, 30ft 2in ext x 13ft 3in mean, 14ft 11in max. Depth 12ft 0in
Same, meters:33.60, 34.15 x 9.00, 9.20 x 4.05, 4.55m. 3.65m
Masts:Main 46ft 1in x 1ft 8in; Fore 43ft 10in x 1ft 8in. Sail area 1338 sq.yd.
Armament:18-24p carr., 2-18p or 12p. (Several c1834) 16-24p carr., 2-16cm shell, 2-18p. (Class 1838) 18-24p carr., 2-16cm shell. (Several 1844) 14-24p carr., 4-16cm shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ALACRITYToulon7.2425.4.2527.8.25Stk. 16.10.49
PALINUREToulon7.249.5.2525.10.25Stk. 8.11.62
CYGNELorient26.8.2428.7.2519.10.25Stk. 14.8.51
FAUCONRochefort20.8.2413.8.2516.8.27Stk. 22.5.47
GRENADIERRochefort20.8.2413.8 254.10.27Stk. 19.7.49
ALERTELorient8.2416.8.2511.7.27Stk. 1847
ALCIBIADEToulon182527.3.2611.7.26Stk. 8.11.62
NISUSLorient10. 24.10.44
ADONISToulon6.2512. 20.4.57
ACTEONLorient182511. 22.5.47
HUSSARDRochefort7.12.2525.6.2724.1.28Stk. 22.12.64
VOLTIGEURRochefort12.2526.10.2710.2.28Stk. 4.3.50
GRIFFONBrest7. 29.4.50
DUCOUEDICToulon14.3.2826. 5.3.59
D'ASSASRochefort19.5.2824.3.3015.3.30Stk. 11.6.51
BISSONLorient5.285.7.307.10.35Stk. 18.4.44
MELEAGRELorient26. 20.4.57
LAPEROUSELorient6.10.3030.7.3228.10.32Stk. 17.8.69
CASSARDLorient183010.9 327.12.35Stk. 23.11.50
ORESTEBrest20.5.304.5.3313.7.34Stk. 20.4.57
PYLADERochefort26.8.3028.12.3315.11.38Stk. 20.4.57

Class. The plans for this class were completed in 4.24 by the same commission that designed the new 100-gun and 90-gun ships of the line. The hull plans were based on the corvette-aviso Diligente, with 1ft 1in more beam and with the ends strengthened. Their height of battery was 4ft 10in. The first two were initially ordered as ships of the Cuirassier type at Bayonne, and were reordered on the new plans in 1824. One of these, Alacrity, was originally named Colibri and was renamed in 1822. Oreste and Pylade, originally Jean de Vienne and Saint Ouen, were renamed 3.8.31. Lapérouse may not have been commissioned until 3.4.37. Palinure in 1855 was converted into a bomb vessel for the Crimea with 2-32cm mortars and 2-30p No.3.

Disposals. Palinure became a barge and was BU 1887. Faucon was BU 1848 at Toulon. Grenadier became a coal depot and was BU 1865. Alcibiade became a barge and was BU 1888. Adonis was hulked and was BU 1865. Actéon was BU 1848 at Toulon. Hussard became a barge, was renamed Larmor 1876 and was BU 1898. Ducouédic became a coal hulk, was renamed Charbonnière 1867 and was BU 1878. D'Assas was hulked, was renamed Kermorvant before 1865 and was BU 1866. Bisson was BU 1844 at Brest. Méléagre became a coal hulk and was BU 1883. Lapérouse became a school hulk, was renamed Lézard 1874 and was BU 1877. Oreste became a school hulk and was BU 1875.

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