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Sail corvette-avisos (20 guns)

CAMILLE class (launched 1830-38)

CAMILLE class sail corvette-avisos (20 guns)

Displacement: 548t
Dimensions:110ft 3in wl, 112ft 11in deck x 29ft 6in mld x 13ft 11in mean
Same, meters:33.60, 34.42 x 9.00 x 4.23m
Armament:18-24p carr., 2-16cm shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
CAMILLEBayonne14.10.2818.8.307.9.37Stk. 1.4.51
BERGEREToulon7.3230.12.3323.6.36Stk. 20.4.57
COQUETTESt. Servan183422.6.3815.8.38Stk. 6.9.52

Class. With this class a sequence of small ship designs came full circle. In 1824 the navy had based the hull plans of its Cygne class brigs on the corvette-aviso Diligente. In 10.28 it laid down the first of a new class of corvette-avisos which were exact copies of Cygne except that they had three masts. The apparent reason for the change was to upgrade the armament of corvette avisos from 18p to 24p carronades. The second ship was laid down in 7.32 and the third ordered in 12.33. The ships had a small forecastle and poop. They were reclassified full corvettes (corvettes de guerre) on 17.5.37.

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