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Captured sail corvette-aviso (16 guns)

IGUALA (captured 1838)

IGUALA captured sail corvette-aviso (16 guns)

Displacement: 454t
Dimensions:109ft 11in wl, 112ft 0in deck x 26ft 3in mld x 12ft 2in mean, 14ft 9in max.
Same, meters:33.50, 34.15 x 8.00 x 3.70, 4.50m
Armament:14-18p carr., 2-12p

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
IGUALABaltimore(?)(1836)20.3.39Stk. 24.7.43

Class. Captured from the Mexican navy 28.11.38 and commissioned 1.4.39. Her lines resembled the French schooner-brigs of the Gazelle class, which were also based on American designs.

Disposal. Iguala was BU 1843 at Brest.

Two other small foreign 3-masted ships briefly became French navy corvettes. Physicienne, formerly the American merchantman Mercury, was chartered by the captain of the exploration corvette Uranie following the loss of his ship in the Falkland Islands and was purchased in 5.20. She returned to Cherbourg on 10.11.20 and was sold at Brest on 13.2.21 for mercantile use. Gloriole, formerly a corsair named El Valiente Gaicuria belonging to Artigas, was captured by the frigate Africaine in the Caribbean 24.3.21 and was commissioned on 1.5.21. She was found to be in bad condition and was BU 1.22 at Brest. Physicienne measured 327t, 85ft 3in x 28ft 0in x 17ft 1in and carried 6 guns. Gloriole measured 100ft 2in x 21ft 10in x 11ft 2in and carried 16-4p.

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