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Paddle avisos (1st class, ex postal)

SESOSTRIS (acquired 1851)
ANTILOPE (acquired 1855)
CHAMOIS (acquired 1855)

SESOSTRIS paddle aviso (1st class)

Displacement: 771t
Dimensions:164ft 1in wl x 26ft 3in mld, 26ft 10in ext x 10ft 11in mean and max. Depth 10ft 1in
Same, meters:50.00 x 8.00, 8.18 x 3.33m. 3.08m
Machinery:160nhp (Hallette)
Hull material:Wood
Armament:2-16cm shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
SESOSTRISCherbourg(?)(1835)11.1.52Stk. 25.4.61

Class. Sésostris was one of ten Mentor-class 160nhp postal packets designed by Moissard and built under a law of 2.7.35 establishing a postal packet line between France and the Levant. Purchased from the Ministry of Finance on 29.12.51, she was the only one of the ten to see naval service. In 1.55 she was ordered converted into a steam mortar vessel. She participated in the bombardment of the forts at Kinburn in 10.55.

Disposals. Sésostris became headquarters hulk for the reserve at Lorient in 1862 and was BU 1895.

ANTILOPE paddle aviso (1st class)

Displacement: 290t
Dimensions:134ft 6in wl, 137ft 2in deck x 19ft 8in mld x 7ft 5in mean, 7ft 8in max.
Same, meters:41.00, 41.80 x 6.00 x 2.27, 2.34m
Machinery:150nhp (Schneider)
Hull material:Iron (?)
Armament:(1856) 2-12cm bronze shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ANTILOPEChaigneau(?)(1846)10.2.56Lost 15.12.58

Class. This ship was one of three small postal packets built under a law of 4.8.44 for the Calais-Dover route, Named Biche while a packet, she was purchased from the Ministry of Finance on 7.5.55 and renamed. She was refitted in 1855-56 at Cherbourg.

Disposal. Antilope was wrecked 20 miles north of Granville.

CHAMOIS paddle aviso (1st class)

Displacement: 334t
Dimensions:130ft 7in wl, 133ft 6in deck x 20ft 4in wl, 20ft 8in max x 7ft 10in mean, 7ft 10in max.
Same, meters:39.80, 40.70 x 6.20, 6.30 x 2.38, 2.40m
Machinery:150nhp (Schneider). Coal 25t
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1856) 2-12p carronades

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
CHAMOISCourau/ Arman(?)(1846)20.4.56Stk. 15.11.78

Class. Built under a law of 4.8.44 as the postal packet Daim for the Calais-Dover route, this ship was purchased from the Ministry of Finances on 7.5.55 and renamed. She was refitted in 1855-56 at Cherbourg.

Disposal. Chamois was BU 1878.

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