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Paddle avisos (2nd class, early)

COUREUR class (80 nhp, launched 1823)
BRASIER (100 nhp, launched 1833)

COUREUR class paddle aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 269t normal
Dimensions:114ft 10in wl, 118ft 1in deck x 23ft 0in x 5ft 9in normal
Same, meters:35.00, 36.00 x 7.00 x 1.75m
Machinery:80nhp (Manby, Wilson & Co., Charenton)
Hull material:Wood

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
COUREURBataille, Rouen1.2324. 15.3.37
RAPIDEBataille, Rouen1.2321. 10.9.34

Class. These two ships were ordered on 10.9.22 for service in the vicinity of Rochefort (the Charente river and the roadstead of the Ile d'Aix), primarily as tugs. They were designed by Marestier and built at La Mailleraye, near Rouen. Their engines were ordered on 24.12.22. The figures above are as designed in 1822. A third ship, Caroline, was built by a different yard at Rouen, Malleux, with an identical hull but a smaller engine for use in French Guiana. Coureur arrived at Cherbourg on 4.4.24 for machinery trials and Rapide followed on 21.3.25. The trials board reported in 7.24 that Coureur could tow one 800t capacity transport out of Brest against wind and tide, and that two steamers like her could tow out a frigate.

Disposals. Coureur was reclassified as a service craft in 1837 and continued to serve as a tug. She received boilers removed from Vedette in 1844 and was BU 1849. Rapide, similarly reclassified in 1834 and used to tow barges of stones for the breakwater at Cherbourg, was condemned 4.1.40 and a new hull was ordered from Indret for her engines.

BRASIER paddle aviso (2nd class)

Displacement:  (As rebuilt) 385t
Dimensions:118ft 1in wl x 22ft 0in. Lengthened 1839: 141ft 9in wl x 22ft 0in x 9ft 5in mean, 9ft 6in max
Same, meters:36.00 x 6.70m. Lengthened 1839: 43.20 x 6.70 x 2.87, 2.89m
Machinery:100nhp (Fawcett & Preston)
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1839) 2-12p carronades

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
BRASIERToulon10.3129.8.332.11.33Stk. 1854

Class. This ship was designed by Vincent for an engine ordered in England in 2.33. She was lengthened at Brest 12.38-7.39 to increase her coal capacity. She was subsequently listed as a 120nhp steamer, probably because of increased boiler power.

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