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Paddle avisos (2nd class, 120 nhp, launched 1849-51)

DAIM class (launched 1849)
GALILEE class (launched 1850-51)

DAIM class paddle aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 339t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl x 21ft 8in mld, 22ft 1in ext x 8ft 3in
Same, meters:40.00 x 6.60, 6.74 x 2.52m
Machinery:120nhp. Daim: (Gâche & Voruz) Direct, tubular boilers, 367ihp, 10.13kts. Flambart: (Nillus) Direct, oscillating cylinders, tubular boilers
Hull material:Wood
Armament:2-12cm bronze shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
DAIMGâche14.9.485.7.491.11.49Stk. 2.11.77
FLAMBARTMalo10.4820.10.495.3.50Stk. 7.3.56

Class. Hull plans by Sochet for these two ships were approved in 4.48. The engines of Flambart were based on a pattern developed by Penn.

Disposals. Flambart became a coal hulk at Rochefort in 1856 and was BU 1861. Her engines were adapted to the screw and reused in the aviso D'Entrecasteaux. Daim became a "poste de digue" in 1877 and was BU 1885.

GALILEE class paddle aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 304t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl, 138ft 0in deck x 21ft 7in mld, 22ft 0in ext x 8ft 8in mean, 8ft 10in max.
Same, meters:40.00, 42.05 x 6.58, 6.70 x 2.63, 2.70m
Machinery:120nhp (Lorient). Direct, oscillating cylinders, 312ihp. Coal 50t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1853) 2-18p carronades

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
GALILEELorient26.7.4912.8.5121.3.53Stk. 24.4.68
BISSONLorient26.7.4925.7.503.5.53Stk. 2.6.71

Class. Hull plans by De Fréminville for these two ships were approved in 5.49. Bisson, originally Tantale, was renamed 18.7.50. The engines of the two were originally to be exact copies of those in Averne. As built, they were identical except that half of Galilée's machinery used chloroform vapor instead of steam, on a system developed by Lieutenant Lafond. The beam outside their paddle boxes was 38ft 1in. Both were placed in reduced commission on 21.3.53; Bisson was placed in full commission on 3.5.53 but installation of Galilée's machinery was completed only in 12.53 and there is no record of her going into full commission.

Disposals. Galilée became a sail transport in 1867, was a barge by 1875, and was BU 1890. Bisson became the barge Cormorandière in 1871 and was BU 1914.

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