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Screw avisos (2nd class, 120 nhp, launched 1846-48)

SALAMANDRE (launched 1847)
PASSE PARTOUT (launched 1846)
PELICAN (launched 1847)
ARIEL (launched 1848)

SALAMANDRE screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 242t
Dimensions:114ft 10in wl x 21ft 4in x 8ft 11in mean
Same, meters:35.00 x 6.50 x 2.73m
Machinery:120nhp (Benet). Trials 9.5kts sustained.
Hull material:Iron
Armament:2-12cm bronze shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
SALAMANDREToulon11.442.10.4714.9.47Stk. 2.6.71

Class. This was one of the first ships built at the iron shipbuilding facility established at Toulon by Dupuy de Lôme in 1843-44. Sochet completed the plans for the hull in 2.44, but his proposal to substitute experimental 160nhp engines for the planned 80nhp ones led to long delays. 120nhp engines were finally ordered for her in 11.46. The above dates (from different sources) suggest she was commissioned for trials while still on the ways; she ran trials in 3.48.

Disposal. Salamandre was BU 1871.

PASSE PARTOUT screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 238t
Dimensions:123ft 3in wl, 128ft 5in deck x 20ft 10in wl, 21ft 0in max x 7ft 2in mean, 7ft 5in max.
Same, meters:37.57, 39.15 x 6.35, 6.40 x 2.18, 2.26m
Machinery:120nhp (Indret). Oscillating cylinders, geared, 11.5kts
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1855) 2-12p carronades

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
PASSE PARTOUTIndret184526.3.4627.3.46Stk. 4.6.68

Class. For the origins of this ship see the paddle Anacréon, 120nhp. Like Anacréon, she was designed by Joffre, the director of Indret. In 8.46 the king wrote of his delight with his new yacht, Passe Partout, which finally fulfilled the mission for which Vedette (ex Comte d'Eu) had been designed in 1841. No longer required for royal service after the revolution of February 1848, she was transferred to the Ministry of Finance on 16.1.51 for use as a postal packet in partial exchange for Corse and Ajaccio. The navy reacquired her on 7.5.55 in another deal with the Ministry of Finance in which it also acquired the screw Faon and the paddle Antilope and Chamois. Her screw engines, as well as those of Pélican and the Marceau class (below), used Penn's system of oscillating cylinders.

Disposal. Passe Partout was BU at Toulon in 1870.

PELICAN screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 258t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl, 134ft 6in deck x 22ft 4in wl, 23ft 0in max x 8ft 5in mean, 9ft 6in max. Depth 7ft 9in
Same, meters:40.00, 41.00 x 6.80, 7.00 x 2.57, 2.89m. 2.35m
Machinery:120nhp (Indret). Oscillating cylinders, geared, 10.84kts
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1848) 4 pierriers (53mm bronze)

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
PELICANIndret4.461.6.4716.6.47Stk. 21.3.73

Class. This ship was ordered on 15.9.45 and designed by Brun as a platform for conducting experiments with different screw propellers. She tested over 100 before reverting to general service.

Disposal. On 26.11.75 Pélican was ordered repaired for use at Lorient as a tug. She was sold in 1885.

ARIEL screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 261t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl, 139ft 1in deck x 21ft 1in wl, 21ft 9in max x 8ft 8in mean, 10ft 9in max.
Same, meters:40.00, 42.40 x 6.42, 6.62 x 2.64, 3.28m
Machinery:120nhp (Benet). Oscillating cylinders, 11.84kts. Coal 45t
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1849) 2 pierriers

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
ARIELToulon1.471.8.4820.8.48Stk. 31.7.73

Class. Ariel and the paddle Averne were added to the building program in 6.46 due to a shortage of small steamers in the 100 to 120nhp range. Dupuy de Lôme completed her hull plans in 10.46. Her machinery was installed in 11-12.48 and she ran trials in 2.49. Her sail area was 488 sq.yd.

Disposal. Ariel was BU 1875.

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