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Screw avisos (2nd class, 120 nhp, launched 1852-59)

MARCEAU class (launched 1852)
BOUGAINVILLE (launched 1859)

MARCEAU class screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 450t
Dimensions:131ft 0in wl, 141ft 9in deck x 25ft 2in mld, 25ft 7in ext x 9ft 7in mean, 10ft 7in max.
Same, meters:39.94, 43.21 x 7.67, 7.80 x 2.93, 3.22m
Machinery:120nhp (Indret in Marceau, Cherbourg in Duroc). 2 oscillating cylinders (vertical), geared, trials 9.09kts (Marceau), 9.55kts (Duroc)
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1850) 2-24p. (1860) 4-12cm. (1861) 4-16cm shell

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
MARCEAUCherbourg20.4.5019.5.525.3.53Stk. 1.8.71
DUROCCherbourg29.4.5017.6.5216.1.53Lost 13.8.56

Class. Specifications for 120nhp screw avisos able to serve overseas were drawn up in 1.50. Plans by Mangin for two ships were approved in 4.50. They were designed with two vertical masts and hoisting screws.

Disposals. Marceau became a boys' school hulk for the merchant marine at Cette, was renamed Hérault in 1880, and was sold in 1903. Duroc was wrecked on the Mellish reef, 160 leagues from New Caledonia.

BOUGAINVILLE screw aviso (2nd class)

Displacement: 737t
Dimensions:182ft 1in wl, 188ft 0in deck x 31ft 9in x 12ft 8in mean, 14ft 7in max.
Same, meters:55.50, 57.30 x 9.68 x 3.85, 4.45m
Machinery:120nhp (Indret). Trunk, trials 443ihp = 9.3kts. Coal 100t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1859) 6-16cm shell. Later had 6-12cm bronze field MLR.

Name          Builder    Laid downLaunched Commiss. Fate         
BOUGAINVILLELorient14.10.5830.5.5917.6.59Stk. 15.10.89

Class. This ship was designed by Le Moine to serve as a sail and steam training ship for the students at the Naval Academy at Brest. Her plans were approved in 8.58.

Disposal. Bougainville was BU 1889 after being relieved as training ship at Brest by the transport-aviso Allier, which assumed her name.

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