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Sail gun-brigs (4-8 guns)

ALSACIENNE class gun-brigs (8 guns, launched 1823-24)
TACTIQUE class gun-brigs (4 guns, launched 1839-44)

ALSACIENNE class sail gun-brigs (8 guns)

Displacement: 218t
Dimensions:85ft 4in deck x 23ft 0in mld x 7ft 11in mean
Same, meters:26.00 x 7.00 x 2.42m
Masts:Main 41ft 4in x 1ft 8in; Fore 38ft 1in x 1ft 7in. Sail area 808 sq.yd.
Armament:6-18p carr., 2-8p. (c1844) 2-16cm shell, 2-30p carr.

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
ALSACIENNECherbourg13.4.23Stk. 11.4.51
BRESSANECherbourg13.4.23Stk. 1833
MALOUINELorient22.4.23Stk. 10.5.58
LILLOISELorient23.4.23Lost 8.33
BORDELAISECherbourg19.6.24Stk. 17.3.41
CHAMPENOISECherbourg19.6.24Stk. 1834

This class was designed by Delamorinière in 1823. Malouine became a barge and was BU 1868. Lilloise was lost on fishery protection patrol in the North Atlantic.

TACTIQUE class sail gun-brigs (4 guns)

Displacement: 265t
Dimensions:91ft 2in wl, 92ft 1in deck x 24ft 7in mld, 25ft 3in ext x 8ft 11in mean, 9ft 3in max.
Same, meters:27.80, 28.06 x 7.50, 7.70 x 2.71, 2.83m
Masts:As Alsacienne
Armament:4-16cm shell

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
TACTIQUERochefort29.3.39Stk. 10.5.58
VIGIERochefort30.3.39Stk. 10.5.58
ALOUETTECherbourg14.5.39Stk. 10.5.58
VEDETTECherbourg14.5.39Lost 10.42
BOULONNAISELorient16.5.39Stk. 1846
EGLANTINELorient13.6.39Stk. 10.5.58
CHEVRETTECherbourg23.9.43Lost 19.10.46
PANTHERELorient17.2.44Stk. 10.5.58

This class was designed by Boucher. Tactique, Vigie, Alouette, Eglantine, and Panthère all became barges and were BU in 1888 except for Alouette in 1868. Tactique and Vigie were renamed Lochrist and Bertheaume respectively before 1865. Vedette was lost at Miquelon and Chevrette was lost in collision with the transport Prévoyante.

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