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Large sail schooners (6 guns)

IRIS class large schooners (launched 1818-44)

IRIS class large sail schooners (6 guns)

Displacement: 157t
Dimensions:81ft 0in wl, 82ft 7in deck x 21ft 0in mld, 21ft 0in ext x 8ft 8in mean, 9ft 9in max.
Same, meters:24.68, 25.18 x 6.39, 6.41 x 2.65, 2.98m

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
IRISRochefort6.4.18Stk. 1844
BEARNAISEBayonne17.5.20Stk. 1837
HIRONDELLEBayonne31.5.20Stk. 1837
LYONNAISEBayonne31.5.21Stk. 21.3.38
PROVENCALEBayonne14.6.21Stk. 1827
PHILOMELEBayonne2.8.22Stk. 31.12.34
GLORIOLEBayonne2.8.22Lost 1823
DAUPHINOISEBayonne25.6.23Stk. 1838
ARTESIENNEBayonne25.6.23Stk. 1836
TOULONNAISEToulon4.23Stk. 18.12.43
MESANGEToulon7.23Stk. 17.7.51
FAUVETTEBayonne13.3.24Stk. 1836
TURQUOISEBayonne16.3.24Stk. 1831
DAPHNELorient9.8.24Stk. 1833
DAPHNELorient17.3.36Stk. 1843
LEVRETTELorient21.3.36Stk. 1846
FINESt.Servain26.8.36Stk. 6.3.50
DORISSt.Servain26.8.36Stk. 1845
ESTAFETTEBrest23.7.42Stk. 22.7.56
GAZELLEBrest31.10.42Stk. 3.10.55
HIRONDELLEToulon9.9.43Stk. 26.10.65
TOPAZEToulon29.6.44Stk. 20.4.57

This class was designed by Hubert. Its sail area was 785 sq.yd. and its height of battery 3ft 7in. The plans were reused for the four ships ordered at Lorient and St.Servain in 1835 because the ministry had had consistently good reports on the Iris type. (One of these also reused the name of an earlier ship, Daphné.) The four ships built in 1842-4 were repeats of Toulonnaise. The only six-gun schooners built by the navy between 1816-52 which were probably not of this type were Amarante (Lorient, 25.8.17, stk. 1833) and Sauterelle (Brest, 28.7.17, lost 1819).

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