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Sail mortar vessels

VESUVE class (launched 1825-28)
BOMBE class (launched 1855)

VESUVE class sail mortar vessels

Displacement: 560t
Dimensions:108ft 3in deck x 27ft 11in mld x 12ft 1in mean
Same, meters:33.00 x 8.50 x 3.68m
Armament:2-32cm mortars, 8-6p

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
VESUVEBayonne28.7.25Stk. 1840
HECLABayonne22.5.26Stk. 30.8.50
VOLCANBayonne22.5.26Stk. 1850
DOREBayonne15.4.28Stk. 1851
FINISTEREBayonne15.4.28Stk. 1838
CYCLOPEToulon19.4.28Stk. 10.8.74
VULCAINToulon10.5.28Stk. 15.7.51
ACHERONToulon15.5.28Stk. 1846

This class was designed by Marestier, who practically duplicated his plans for a 300t capacity gabare (transport) of 1817, Bayonnais. Bayonnais and her sister Garonne also were fitted to carry mortars, but were never classified as mortar vessels. The Vésuve class ships served as 300t gabares for most of their careers. Achéron was renamed Eclair in 1835.

BOMBE class mortar vessels

Displacement: ?
Dimensions:76ft 9in wl x 20ft 0in mld x 6ft 7in mean and max
Same, meters:23.40 x 6.10 x 2.00m
Armament:2-32cm mortars

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
BOMBELorient18.4.55Stk. 21.10.59
FOURNAISELorient1855Stk. 29.6.58
TOCSINLorient3.4.55Stk. 29.8.57
TORCHELorient1855Stk. 29.6.58
TROMBELorient5.5.55Stk. 29.8.57

These ships was designed by Pastoureau for Crimean War service. They were designed to be towed into action by gunboats. Bombe became Bugalet No.2 in 1866 and Fort in 1882 as a service craft. The last four became water barges after being stricken.

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