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Small colonial paddle avisos (60 nhp, launched 1836-43)

COURSIER (launched 1836)
EREBE (launched 1837)
ERIDAN (launched 1843)

COURSIER colonial paddle aviso

Displacement: ?
Dimensions:114ft 10in wl, 129ft 2in oa x 21ft 0in x 6ft 3in
Same, meters:35.00, 39.38 x 6.40 x 1.90m
Machinery:60nhp (Indret)
Hull material:Wood
Armament:3 guns

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
COURSIERIndret8.11.36Stk. 1843

This ship was built to replace Louise (ex Caroline) in French Guiana.

EREBE colonial paddle aviso

Displacement: 252t
Dimensions:127ft 11in wl, 142ft 6in oa x 18ft 1in x 7ft 3in
Same, meters:39.00, 43.43 x 5.50 x 2.20m
Machinery:60nhp (Maudslay, London)
Hull material:Wood
Armament:4-18p carronades

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
EREBEIndret30.12.37Stk. 16.10.49

The engines of Erèbe were ordered from one of the best English builders on 27.7.36. While under construction she was designated to replace the second Africain in Senegal. Erèbe was stricken because she could no longer go to sea, but the colony hoped to use her as a river transport. Her hull sank in the Senegal River in a storm ca.9.50. Her engines were reused in Marabout (below).

ERIDAN colonial paddle aviso

Displacement: 203t
Dimensions:127ft 11in wl, 131ft 3in oa x 23ft 0in x 5ft 9in
Same, meters:39.00, 40.00 x 7.00 x 1.75m
Machinery:60nhp (Lorient)
Hull material:Iron

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
ERIDANCavé, Paris3.11.43Lost 28.8.46

This ship was built to replace Coursier in French Guiana after Voyageur was found unsuitable. The colony's need for a ship with a maximum draft of 5 feet was met by using an iron hull--the first one in the French navy. Engines under construction for Alecton were appropriated to speed completion. Eridan struck a rock and sank in the Oyapock River. Her engines were reused in Alecton and later in Rubis.

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