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Small colonial paddle avisos (60 nhp, launched 1852-58)

MARABOUT (launched 1852)
DIALMATH class (launched 1855)
AFRICAIN class (launched 1858)

MARABOUT colonial paddle aviso

Displacement: 238t
Dimensions:137ft 10in wl, 146ft 6in deck x 19ft 8in ext x 6ft 2in mean, 6ft 4in max.
Same, meters:42.00, 44.65 x 6.00 x 1.89, 1.92m
Machinery:60nhp (from Erèbe). 8kts
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1852) 4-12cm No.2 shell

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
MARABOUTBrest1.7.52Stk. 31.12.64

This ship was built to replace Erèbe, above, in Senegal and used her engines. After being stricken, Marabout was used as a tug at Brest. She was renamed Soute in 1869 and BU 1871.

DIALMATH class colonial paddle avisos

Displacement: 340t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl, 137ft 0in deck x 23ft 4in wl, 23ft 6in max x 6ft 2in mean and max
Same, meters:40.00, 41.75 x 7.12, 7.16 x 1.88m
Machinery:60nhp (Brest). Coal 36t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1857) 4-12cm shell

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
DIALMATHBrest14.8.55Stk. 16.5.65
PODORBrest14.8.55Stk. 10.11.64

These ships were built for Senegal. The beam over their paddles was 39ft 6in. Dialmath was BU 1865. Podor became a coal hulk and was BU 1875.

AFRICAIN class colonial paddle avisos

Displacement: 376t
Dimensions:131ft 3in wl, 137ft 0in deck x 23ft 4in wl, 23ft 6in max x 6ft 5in mean
Same, meters:40.00, 41.75 x 7.12, 7.16 x 1.95m
Machinery:60nhp (Indret). Coal 50t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:(1858, Arabe) 2-12cm rifles

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
AFRICAINLorient15.4.58Stk. 19.2.78
ARABELorient15.4.58Stk. 20.5.79

These ships were built for Senegal on the same plans as Podor. Africain became a barracks hulk at Dakar, was renamed Arabe and was BU 1879. Arabe was renamed Africain as a hulk and was BU 1882.

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