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Screw gun launches

ALERTE class (launched 1855)
No.1 class (launched 1859)
No.11 (launched 1859)
No.12 class (sectional, launched 1860-61)

ALERTE class screw gun launches

Displacement: 144t
Dimensions:101ft 5in wl, 101ft 10in deck x 20ft 4in x 4ft 4in mean, 4ft 9in max.
Same, meters:30.90, 31.03 x 6.20 x 1.33, 1.46m
Machinery:25nhp (FCM). 2 cylinders. Coal 12t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:1-16cm rifle forward, 2-18p carronades on sides. (Alerte 1870) 1-14cm No.2 MLR, 2-12cm bronze field

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
ALERTEToulon9.5.55Stk. 29.12.74
BOURRASQUEToulon12.5.55Stk. 20.6.67
COULEUVRINEToulon16.5.55Stk. 16.3.68
MEURTRIEREToulon30.5.55Stk. 30.4.68
MUTINEToulon23.5.55Stk. 29.12.74
RAFALEToulon3.5.55Stk. 8.11.62
STRIDENTEToulon27.5.55Lost 1.9.59
TIRAILLEUSEToulon4.5.55Stk. 24.4.76

This class was built for the Crimean War. Alerte became a lighter and was BU 1884. Meurtrière was sold on the Danube station in 1868. Mutine was BU 1883. Rafale became a hulk and was BU 1865. Stridente washed ashore in a tidal wave at Rufisque, Senegal.

No.1 class screw gun launches

Displacement: 101t
Dimensions:81ft 0in wl x 16ft 1in x 5ft 3in mean, 5ft 9in max.
Same, meters:24.70 x 4.90 x 1.60, 1.75m
Machinery:16nhp (FCM). 1 cylinder, 7.25kts. Coal 10t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:1-16 cm rifle M1858 behind an armored bulwark

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
No.1FCM La S.1859Stk. 7.9.65
No.2FCM La S.1859Stk. 7.9.65
No.3FCM La S.1859Stk. 7.9.65
No.4FCM La S.1859Stk. 7.9.65
No.5FCM La S.1859Stk. 7.9.65
No.6FCM La S.1859Transf. 1859
No.7FCM La S.1859Transf. 1859
No.8FCM La S.1859Transf. 1859
No.9FCM La S.1859Transf. 1859
No.10FCM La S.1859Transf. 1859

These craft were ordered from FCM La Seyne on 24.12.58 for the Northern Italian campaign. No.1 thru No.5 were reclassified as service craft (tugs) after being stricken and were named Poulmic, Précieuse, Va-et-Vient, Modeste, and Minou respectively. They were BU respectively in 1896, 1876, 1914, 1882, and 1905. No.6 thru No.10 were transferred as a gift to the King of Sardinia before commissioning and became the Italian Frassineto, Sesia, Torrione, Castenedolo, and Pozzolengo respectively. They were assembled on Lake Garda.

No.11 screw gun launch

Displacement: 127t
Dimensions:86ft 7in wl x 20ft 10in x 5ft 2in mean, 5ft 11in max.
Same, meters:26.40 x 6.34 x 1.58, 1.80m
Machinery:16nhp (FCM). 1 cylinder. Coal 16t
Hull material:Wood
Armament:1-16cm M1858 MLR behind armored bulwark

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
No.11 (GUEPE)Arman Bord.1859Stk. 15.1.78

No.11 was designed by Capitaine de Vaisseau Dupouy and ordered from Arman, Bordeaux, under a contract of 15.12.58. She was named Guêpe in 1866. Guêpe became a tug in 1878, a port service craft in 1888, and was BU 1897.

No.12 class screw sectional gun launches

Displacement: 89t
Dimensions:81ft 0in wl x 16ft 1in x 4ft 11in mean
Same, meters:24.70 x 4.90 x 1.50m
Machinery:20nhp (FCM).8.0kts
Hull material:Iron
Armament:1-16cm rifle

Name               Builder   Ln. Fate         
No.12 (ARC)FCM Le H.1860Lost 8.10.73
No.13 (CARABINE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 23.4.89
No.14 (SAINTE ANNE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 20.6.72
No.15 FCM Le H.1860Lost 14.10.63
No.16 (CASSE-TETE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 22.7.67
No.17 FCM Le H.1860Lost 4.2.61
No.18 (CIMETERRE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 7.8.70
No.19 (COUTELAS)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 21.4.85
No.20 (DAGUE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 24.12.78
No.21 (SAINTE MARIE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 2.4.72
No.22 (EPEE)FCM Le H.1860Lost 25.1.67
No.23 (ESPINGOLE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 24.12.78
No.24 (FAUCONNEAU)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 7.8.70
No.25 FCM Le H.1860Lost 3.3.62
No.26 FCM Le H.1860Lost 28.1.61
No.27 (FAULX)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 24.12.78
No.28 (FLAMBERGE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 21.4.85
No.29 (FLEURET)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 1.3.78
No.30 (FRAMEE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 5.6.91
No.31 (GLAIVE)FCM Le H.1860Stk. 21.4.85

No.12-No.31 was ordered under a contract of 30.11.59 for an expedition to China and built by FCM at their Le Havre yard. Those that survived received names in 1866. Nine later units of the same class, No.32-No.40, were ordered from FCM in 11.63 for use in Indochina. Another ten, Arbalète, Biscaïen, Boutefeu, Mousquet, Fronde, Javelot, Dard, Epieu, Pertuisane, and Flambant were ordered by a foreign government from FCM, but conditions in 1866 made delivery impossible and the navy took them over. A further ten, the Baïonnette group, were ordered from Claparède in 1867, still on the 1859 plans. No.12, No.17, and No.26 were lost under tow off the coasts of China and Indochina, while No.15, No.22, and No.25 were lost to boiler explosions in the same region.

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