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Screw sectional floating batteries

No.1 class (launched 1859)
No.6 class (launched 1864)

No.1 class screw sectional floating batteries

Displacement: 142t
Dimensions:72ft 0in x 25ft 3in x 3ft 3in
Same, meters:21.94 x 7.70 x 1.00m
Machinery:32nhp (FCM). Trials 95ihp = 4.21kts
Hull material: 
Armament:2-16cm rifles firing forward

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
No.1FCM La S.1859Stk. 10.7.71
No.2FCM La S.1859Stk. 3.7.71
No.3FCM La S.1859Stk. 3.7.71
No.4FCM La S.1859Stk. 10.7.71
No.5FCM La S.1859Stk. 29 10.74

This class was ordered on 10.6.59 for use on the Po river, to be built with the utmost urgency. They were designed by Dupuy de Lôme to carry 2-24pdr BLR, but these were not ready and older 16cm (30pdr) rifles were used. The 2.0in armor was designed to be proof against Austrian 12pdr field guns (their largest). All were built by FCM La Seyne: the first one being delivered on 4.7.59 and the other four on 25.8.59. The first four were lost in the siege of Paris in 1870, while No.5 became a floating workshop in 1877, a coal hulk in 1897, and was BU ca. 1922.

No.6 class screw sectional floating batteries

Displacement: 285t
Dimensions:88ft 7in x 29ft 6in x 5ft 7in
Same, meters:27.00 x 9.00 x 1.70m
Machinery:50nhp (FCM). Trials 100ihp = 5.37kts
Hull material:Iron
Armament:(1867, design) 2-16cm rifles. Later 2-14cm rifles.

Name          Builder    Launched Fate         
No.6FCM La S.29.5.64Lost 5.1.71
No.7FCM La S.1864Lost 15.11.70
No.8FCM La S.1864Stk. 26.1.86
No.9FCM La S.1864Stk. 11.2.88
No.10FCM La S.1864Stk. 6.4.88
No.11FCM La S.1864Stk. 11.2.88

This class was ordered under a contract of 29.3.64, designed by Dupuy de Lôme, and built rapidly by FCM La Seyne. They were built for a planned campaign on the Rhine and had greater displacement and speed than their predecessors. During the Franco-Prussian war, No.6 was lost enroute from Cherbourg to Le Havre and No.7 was lost on the way from Toulon to Marseille. No.8 was converted to a torpedo maintenance hulk and was BU 1913, No.9 and No.11 were converted to coal barges, and No.10 was sold in 1890.

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