EFC Design 1012: Illustrations

EFC Design 1012

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An S.S. Ashbee (Design 1012) class freighter
An Ashbee (Design 1012) class freighter probably photogaphed around the time of her completion in 1919-1920. This photograph was used in a 1925 EFC sales catalog to represent this class. (NHC: S-528-A)

S.S. Rolla, originally S.S. Ashbee (Design 1012)
S.S. Rolla, originally S.S. Ashbee (Design 1012). She was built by the Merrill-Stevens S.B. Corp., Mobile, Ala., was converted to diesel propulsion in 1922, and bore the name Rolla between 1947 and 1961. (Shipscribe)