EFC Design 1013: Illustrations

EFC Design 1013

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S.S. West Galoc (Design 1013)
S.S. West Galoc (Design 1013) around the time of her completion in August 1918 by the Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co. This ship has the special rig fitted to many war-built ships (and shown in the drawing above) in which the two topmasts on the masts were replaced by a single topmast stepped near the stack (in this case on a kingpost). The change supposedly made it harder for a submarine to get a torpedo firing solution. (NHC: 19-N-14747)

S.S. West Arrow (Design 1013)
S.S. West Arrow probably shown on trials in March 1918 after completion of construction by the Skinner & Eddy Corp., Seattle, Wash. This was one of a few early requisitioned ships built to the design that the EFC later designed Design 1013 that had a special wartime rig consisting of kingpost pairs instead of masts fore and aft. The kingposts could be rotated to lie flat on deck, further concealing the ship's direction of movement. (NHC: NH 83443-A and NARA: RG-19-LCM)

S.S. West Erral (Design 1013)
S.S. West Erral (Design 1013) photographed by her builder, the Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co., upon completion in February 1919. The special wartime rig was no longer necessary and she and other postwar ships were completed with topmasts on each of her two masts. For a drawing showing this rig see Design 1066. (NARA: RG-32-S)