EFC Design 1014: Illustrations

EFC Design 1014

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S.S. Victor Emanuelle III (Design  1014)
S.S. Victor Emanuelle III immediately after launching on 24 May 1918 by the Seattle Construction and Dry Dock Co., Seattle, Wash. This requisitioned ship was built to the design that the EFC later designed Design 1014. (NHC: NH 65032-A and NARA: RG-19-LCM)

S.S. Jacona (Design  1014)
S.S. Jacona (Design 1014) fitting out on 25 January 1919 at the Todd Dry Dock and Construction Co., Tacoma, Wash. This ship had the unusual fate of being converted to a non-self propelled power plant at Newport News in 1930. After serving in Maine and New Hampshire she became an Army ship in 1945 and the Navy's YFP-1 in 1947. She was reportedly still in excellent condition when transferred from the Navy to the Philippines in 1971. (NARA: RG-32-UB)