EFC Design 1015: Illustrations

EFC Design 1015

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S.S. Alloway (Design  1015)
S.S. Alloway (Design 1015) on trials on 5 July 1918 after construction by the Moore S.B. Co., Oakland, Calif. Following the custom of many shipbuilders at this time, she is flying numerous flags and pennants, including large ones showing the names of the ship and her builder. She is fitted with the special wartime rig in which the two topmasts on the masts were replaced by a single topmast stepped near the stack (in this case on an additional light mast). (NARA: RG-32-S)

S.S. Chipchung (Design  1015)
S.S. Chipchung (Design 1015) on trials on 23 May 1919. For this and other postwar ships, the Moore S.B. Co. reverted to the normal peacetime rig with topmasts on each of the two masts. (NARA: RG-19-LCM)