EFC Design 1049: Illustrations

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S.S. Point Bonita on trials on 22 June 1918 just before completion. This requisitioned ship was built by the Albina Engine & Machine Works, Portland, Ore., to the design that the EFC later designated Design 1049. (NHC: NH 65124)

S.S. Lurline Burns, originally S.S. Caddopeak (Design 1049) photographed between 1937 and the outbreak of World War II. Distinctive features of this class, all units of which were built by the Albina Engine & Machine Works, were a very long amidships island and a "Fredrickstad" rig as in the Design 1044 "Lakers." Lurline Burns appears to have had her booms lengthened for carrying lumber. She served in World War II as USS Besboro (AG-66). (NARA: RG-19-LCM, 19-N-52560)