United States Standard Merchant Ships in World War I

Emergency Fleet Corporation, 1917-1920

The Design 1046 freighter S.S. Huachuca, EFC hull 4183, on the ways on 2 April 1919. (Photo No. NH 43029)

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This portion of the Shipscribe web site contains five tables containing data on all the contracts let for construction of standard-design merchant ship during World War I by the Emergency Fleet Corporation, the shipbuilding arm of the U. S. Shipping Board. For the most part, the tables contain the same data and the main difference is the way they are sorted. The Hulls and Contracts tables, however, have some additional data on contract adjustments, and the DsnList and Designs tables have lines for designs that were never built. 

List of EFC Contracts Sorted by EFC Hull Number

List of EFC Contracts Sorted by Shipbuilders

List of EFC Contracts Sorted by Contract Number

List of EFC Contracts Sorted by Design

Key to Column Headings and Abbreviations

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