References: U. S. Navy Ships

USS Monitor (AN-1, later LSV-5) during pivoting while launching on 29 January 1943.
Contract awarded 16 December 1940 under the FY1941 70% Expansion Building Program. (NARA RG-19-LCM, 19-N-111703)

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This page provides access to three specialized databases created by Shipscribe covering U.S. Navy ships, one itemizing all port calls made by U. S. Navy cruising ships on overseas stations (except the European Station) between 1869 and 1897, one covering U.S. warship building programs during World War II, and one listing all the design project numbers used by the Ship Characteristics Board (SCB) and its successors from 1946 to 1979. Select by clicking on the links below.

Port Calls by U. S. Navy Cruising Ships, 1869-1897

Shipbuilding Programs and Contracts of the U. S. Navy, 1938-1945

NEW! U.S. Navy Ship Design Project Numbers, 1946-1979

This page next provides access to two references created by Shipscribe on ships given Section Patrol (SP) and Identification (ID) Numbers during and after World War I. The first is a a specialized databases created by Shipscribe covering ships acquired by the Navy during World War I. The second is a draft list of nearly all of the SP and ID numbers assigned to merchant vessels by the Navy between 1916 and 1941 during vessel inspections, including many vessels not acquired. Select by clicking on the links below.

Ships Acquired by the U. S. Navy (SP and ID), 1917-1920

U. S. Navy Section Patrol (SP) and Identification (ID) Numbers, 1916-1941

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