The Old U. S. Navy on Distant Stations

Port calls by U. S. Navy cruising ships, 1869-1897

USS Quinnebaug (1866-1890) (Photo: NH 67874)

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This portion of the Shipscribe web site contains data on 6,057 port calls made by U. S. Navy cruising ships outside U. S. and European waters between 1869 and 1897. These data are compiled from the Reports of the Secretary of the Navy for these years, and for the most part have not been checked against other sources. Particularly conspicuous gaps and conflicts in the data, however, were checked in other sources, primarily the ships' logs. The data are presented in two sets of tables, one organized by ship type and ship name and the other organized by geographic zone and port name. Except for their sort order, the contents of the two sets of tables are identical (each port call has its own sequence number). A field called "arr-dep" indicates when ships were commissioned and decommissioned and when they arrived on and went off station. Reference tables are also provided with additional information on the ships and ports referred to in the data. The division of ship rates into "large" and "small" is for historical convenience--the Navy recognized only four rates (which were based on crew size). Likewise, the geographic zones were developed for this study.

Lists of Port Calls Sorted by Ship Type and Name

Lists of Port Calls Sorted by Zone and Port

Alphabetical List of Ships

Alphabetical List of Ports

Key to Column Headings and Abbreviations (forthcoming)

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