Current addresses for legacy SHIPREFS links on

In 2021 the SHIPREFS folder was divided into two folders, NAVYREFS for Navy ships and MERCREFS for merchant ships. Some outdated links to SHIPREFS remain on the web. Edit them as below. If you still get a dead link, try changing http to https.

shiprefs/efc/index.html is now mercrefs/efc/index.html

shiprefs/mc/index.html is now mercrefs/mc/index.html

shiprefs/move/Types.html is now navyrefs/move/Types.html

shiprefs/numbers/index.html is now navyrefs/numbers/index.html

shiprefs/spid/index.html is now navyrefs/spid/index.html

shiprefs/usnprog/index.html is now navyrefs/usnprog/index.html

shiprefs/USSB_1917/index.html is now mercrefs/USSB_1917/index.html

shiprefs/USSB_1920/text.html is now mercrefs/USSB_1920/text.html

shiprefs/USSB_1920/plans.html is now mercrefs/USSB_1920/plans.html