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"SPRING STYLES," 1939-1944

Photo # S-511-13:  Preliminary design plan for a 70,000 ton battleship, 15 March 1940

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Bureau of Ships' "Spring Styles" Book # 3 (1939-1944) -- (Naval Historical Center Lot # S-511) --
Battleship Preliminary Design Drawings

Of the 75 preliminary design drawings in the 1939-1944 "Spring Styles" Book, only five are related to battleships. Three of these were produced in February-March 1940, during consideration of alternative designs for the still-born Montana class (then known as the "BB-65" class, a designation later changed to "BB-67"). Another, from July 1940, compares the Montana class hull profile with that of the Iowa (BB-61) class, while the fifth portrays a June 1942 scheme for converting an Iowa class hull to an aircraft carrier.

This page features those 1939-1944 Bureau of Ships "Spring Styles" plans that concern battleships.

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The Battleship drawings included in this album are:

-- Three proposed designs for the Montana class:

-- One plan comparing the Montana class hull with that of the Iowa class:

-- One plan of a proposed conversion of an Iowa class battleship to an aircraft carrier:

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