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"SPRING STYLES," 1911-1925

Photo # S-584-103: Preliminary Design Plan for an Ammunition Ship for the Fiscal Year 1917 Shipbuilding Program - August 2, 1916

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Bureau of Ships' "Spring Styles" Book # 1 (1911-1925) -- (Naval Historical Center Lot # S-584) --
Auxiliary Vessel and District Craft Preliminary Design Drawings

A total of thirteen out of 211 drawings in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles" Book represent auxiliary vessels and craft. The vessels included are a diverse mix of seagoing and harbor or inshore craft intended to provide support for operation by the main fleets. Seven designs represent vessels intended for oceanic operations, typically in direct support of the battle fleet or other combat units--a fleet oiler, a large supply ship, two transports for Marine troops, a large ammunition ship, a large hospital ship, and a very large, self-propelled floating dry dock. Ships of all these types were built, with the exception of the floating dry dock. This concept survived into the 1930s, when as the class "B" floating dry dock ARD-3 it was redesigned in 1935 to accommodate the Lexington class carriers, given an enclosed ship-like bow, and slated for construction by the Bureau of Yards and Docks in 1936 on the West Coast at either a Navy Yard or a private shipyard. Design work continued into 1938 but the dock was not built. Large floating docks (even larger than this design) eventually were provided during World War II, but they were non-self propelled and were separable into sections for easier transport.

The other auxiliary vessels in the "Spring Styles" Book include a cable layer for development of communications infrastructure, three tug designs, one plan for a barge housing a large dirigible hangar, and one small coastal craft equipped to recover downed aircraft. Most of these represent designs that were built, though the cable layer--proposed for conversion from a commercial design--was not pursued at this time.

This page features those 1911-1925 Bureau of Ships "Spring Styles" plans that concern auxiliary vessels and district craft types.

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The Auxiliary Vessel and District Craft drawings included in this album are:

--One design for a Fuel Ship (oiler):

--One proposed design for the Supply Ship Bridge:

--Two proposed designs for Transports:

--One proposed design for the Ammunition Ship Pyro:

--One proposed design for the Hospital Ship Relief:

--One proposed design for a Cable Layer, not selected for construction:

--One proposed design for a Self-Propelled Floating Dry Dock, not selected for construction:

--One drawing of the design for Tug Chemung:

--One proposed design for the YT-46 class Harbor Tugs:

--One proposed design for a seagoing Tug, not selected for construction:

--One proposed design for the Dirigible Hangar Barge YX-2:

--One proposed design for the Aeroplane Wrecking Derrick YSD-1:

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