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"SPRING STYLES," 1911-1925

Photo # S-584-022: Proposed Torpedo Battleship - August 15, 1912

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Bureau of Ships' "Spring Styles" Book # 1 (1911-1925) -- (Naval Historical Center Lot # S-584) --
Torpedo Battleship Preliminary Design Drawings

Four of the 211 design drawings in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles" Book treat ships classified as "torpedo battleships", a ship type never adopted for construction The Naval War College carried out studies several years prior to World War I of the potential utility of such a ship, as large as a battleship but accepting sacrifices in main battery gun strength and protection to have a high maximum speed and carry a large number of torpedo tubes. The Navy never requested funds to build such a ship.

This page features those 1911-1925 Bureau of Ships "Spring Styles" plans that concern torpedo battleships.

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The Torpedo Battleship drawings included in this album are:

--Four proposed designs for a Torpedo Battleship, 1912, none selected for construction:

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