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“SPRING STYLES,” 1911-1925

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"Hangar [Barge] for Dirigible" ... Undated

Preliminary design plan for a barge. This craft was designed to house two fully-inflated DN-1 dirigibles, but the vessel actually built was somewhat smaller, having room only for one inflated dirigible and one partly deflated. The craft, Hangar Barge # 1 (identified in 1920-21 correspondence as an unclassified district craft with file symbol YX-2), was built in 1916 but the hangar was dismantled soon after the unsuccessful DN-1 program was canceled. After several abortive schemes to alter the craft for other uses, it was disposed of by sale in 1921.
This plan provides a single enclosed hangar, no self propulsion and no armament on a craft 258 feet long on the water line, 91 feet in beam, with a normal displacement (less airship cargo) of 872 tons. As noted on the plan, the actual craft built to this concept, Hangar Barge # 1, was smaller, 225 feet long and 65 feet 6 inches in beam.
Note: The original document was ink on linen (black on white).

The original plan is in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles Book".

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

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