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“SPRING STYLES,” 1911-1925

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Photo #: S-584-195

Undated Design Plan "U. S. S. V-4 Revised" ...

Undated design plan for minelaying submarine V-4 (SM-1). This drawing reflects a set of design changes that were approved on 9 October 1924 by the Secretary of the Navy for use in building this ship. The preliminary design approved in May 1924 (see Photo # S-584-191) was modified by omission of the aircraft hangar, lowering the bridges in the sail about four feet, shifting the main engines and motors aft, moving the after batteries forward, and adding a range finder and a small after magazine for the main battery guns, among other things. (V-4 was renamed Argonaut on 19 February 1931.)
This drawing includes no data on ship characteristics (see Photo # S-584-191 for characteristics as approved in the earlier preliminary design.)
Note: The original document was ink on linen (black on white).

The original plan is in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles Book".

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

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