The Thai armored gunboat SUKOTHAI in the Chao Phraya River just below Bangkok in January 1970.

Thai Navy Ships at Bangkok, January 1970

These photos were taken by Shipscribe in January 1970 while serving as operations officer of USS BRADLEY (DE-1040). The first batch was taken as the ship ascended the Chao Phraya River from the sea to her anchorage off Bangkok, and the second was taken a few days later during a tourist excursion up the river from Bangkok to the ruins at Ayutthaya. The first batch was taken with a snapshot camera and black-and-white film, the second was taken with Ektachrome slide film. Shipscribe added these photos to the collection of the Naval Historical Center soon after he became a volunteer in the Photo Section there in the early 1980s, but the quality of the reproductions now on the website of the Naval History and Heritage Command (successor to NHC) is so bad that Shipscribe is offering new scans here from originals in his possession. Despite remaining imperfections, it is hoped that they will be useful for reference work and, in the case of the color images, for general enjoyment.

Note: The author hereby places the new scans of the pictures presented here in the Public Domain where they can be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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